[use] Go dark

Ultrasurf is a product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation. Originally created to help internet users in China find security and freedom online, Ultrasurf has now become one of the world’s most popular anti-censorship, pro-privacy software, with millions of people using it to bypass internet censorship and protect their online privacy.

PRIVACY – Protect your privacy online with anonymous surfing and browsing. Ultrasurf hides your IP address, clears browsing history, cookies, and more.

SECURITY – Using industry standard, strong end-to-end encryption to protect your data transfer from being seen by third parties.

FREEDOM – Bypass internet censorship to browse the internet freely.

[free] Test-Drive Win10 (Technical Preview) in a Virtual Machine

thank you c|net


You can “upgrade” your current PC to Win10, but it’s a one-way ticket! No easy way back. Want to test-drive the new OS with the least amount of hassle? Give it a sandbox to play in.

Install Windows 10 Technical Preview as a virtual machine. Instructions [here]

[FIX] Registry hack enables continued updates for Windows XP


Thank you, Larry Seltzer of Zero Day

First things first. Microsoft’s response to his hack:
We recently became aware of a hack that purportedly aims to provide security updates to Windows XP customers. The security updates that could be installed are intended for Windows Embedded and Windows Server 2003 customers and do not fully protect Windows XP customers. Windows XP customers also run a significant risk of functionality issues with their machines if they install these updates, as they are not tested against Windows XP. The best way for Windows XP customers to protect their systems is to upgrade to a more modern operating system, like Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

Now, to those still interested. You can hack the registry in Windows XP and trick Windows Update into continuing to send you security updates. The basis of it is that Microsoft has an embedded variant of Windows XP and support doesn’t end on that until April 2016. The hack makes XP look like the embedded version.

Hack the registry in Windows XP

[FIX] DDOS Attack! Change your Verizon FiOS IP Address

new verizon ip address

log in to your router by typing in a browser. It’ll ask you for the username password.

The default user name for the Verizon MI424WR router is “admin,” and the default password is “password” (do not include the quotation marks).

  • Note: To improve security, your router password may have been changed to the serial number of your router if you have not changed the password from the default of “password.” You can find your router’s password on the label affixed to the bottom or back of your router.

If you reset your router to the factory default settings, the router password will return to “password.”

Once you are logged in, select “My Network”, then “Network Connections”, then “Broadband Connection”, then “Settings”, then “Release” in the DHCP Lease: section

That’s it. Wait a few minutes for the router to automatically pick up a new IP. Your internet will not be working until it grabs a new IP. Do not panic. Don’t hit the Renew. If you hit Renew, you will get your internet connection right back, but will likely have the same old IP. If you simply wait a little while (less than 10 minutes), it’ll renew on it’s own with a new IP.

[use] Malwarebytes

Have been using Symantec’s anti-virus enterprise solution for a decade. It’s time for a divorce.

After numerous infections that often required Malwarebytes for repair, it’s over. Time to adopt Malwarebytes as my pro-active solution. I also like the sound of their chameleon tool.

Began trial on my desktop. It’s actually got a lighter footprint on my resources, too!

UPDATE: hmm. Malwarebytes is good. Lean, mean and alert for new threats. Got pricing and spoke to sales. Interesting… They call themselves “Anti-Malware and not Anti-Virus”. They expect me to run a “Layered approach”. Run Malwarebytes WITH anti-virus like Symantec. They provide zero-day and recent threat protection, but “don’t bog their software down with a database for old threat detection. That is where traditional anti-virus comes in.” That is NOT what I wanted to hear… I thought I was REPLACING Symantec… errr


malwarebytesMalwarebytes Anti-Rootkit file download
Anti-Rootkit Description

Malwarebytes Chameleon file download
Chameleon Description

Malwarebytes StartupLite file download
StartupLite Description

Malwarebytes FileASSASSIN file download
FileASSASSIN Description

Malwarebytes RegASSASSIN file download
RegASSASSIN Description