Free Software and Utilities


Foxit – free alternative to Adobe Acrobat

System Setup

Ninite – The quickest, easiest way to install and update your free apps

Server Utilities

Active Directory Change Reporter – Track changes and errors to AD and Group Policy

BareTail – Monitor Log Files in real time


BotHunter – Diagnose network-based malware

Comodo Internet Security – firewall and antivirus solution

Audio and Video

CamStudio – Record screen and audio activity on your computer

Wink – create tutorials and presentations

Disk Utilities

CDBurnerXP – Burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-ray and ISOs

DriveImage XML – Image and back up logical drives

Eraser – Remove sensitive data from your hard disk

GParted LiveCD – Heavy Duty partition tool

JkDefrag – Defrag and Optimize Hard disk

NTFS Undelete – recover deleted files

PageDefrag – defrag your paging files and registry hives

PhotoRec – recover files from hard disk and CDs

SyncBack – Easily back up and synchronize files

TestDisk – make non-booting disks bootable again

WinDirStat – view disk usage and cleanup

Network Tools

Fing – Network discovery tools

Ethereal – Comprehensive protocol analyzer

FileZilla – FTP file transfer

Ngrep – Apply GNU grep’s common features to the network layer

NMap – Perform network exploration or security auditing

PRTG – Monitor availability and bandwidth

WinDump – sniff and troubleshoot your network

WinPcap – capture and transmit network packets


KeyFinder – Reveal Microsoft Product Keys

Game Key Revealer – Reveal Keys and Serial

SIW – gather detailed information about your system properties and settings

NeWT – Scan networked machines to retrieve information

OCS Inventory NG – Automate inventory and deployment

WinAudit – software, license, security, hardware and network settings audit

Winfingerprint – get info about machines on your LAN


LastPass – password manager

LocatePC – protect system from theft

OpenSSH – Encrypt all traffic (including passwords)

TrueCrypt – encrypt your disk


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