[fix] Slow updates for Windows 7 fresh install

A tortoise

Updates will take days… here’s a workaround:



[fix] Office 2013 update not integrated in Windows Update

Frustration: I am unable to update Office 2013. Office 2013 isn’t integrated in Windows Update. The option to “get updates for other Microsoft programs” is completely missing in the settings of Windows Update.

Clicking on the link “get updates for other Microsoft products” just links to a website that says how to open Windows Update.

My machine is on Win7, Ultimate, 64-bit and I am using Office 2013 Professional Plus.

Answer: My default browser was Chrome! Opening the link “get updates for other Microsoft products” in Chrome is no help! Set IE as your default browser. Close all browsers and hit the “get updates for other Microsoft products” again. Now you will be presented with appropriate options. If it still does not work, try toggling your “Compatibility view settings” in IE.

[fix] IJ Status Monitor has stopped working

I get this message at the end of every print job or when printing is interrupted by out of paper or ink.

Removing and re-installing drivers and software were no help. Even carried over with a printer model change.

Disable the IJ Status Monitor:
Send a print job, the monitor pops up momentarily to show print progress. Within the monitor, select “Option” and “Disable monitor”.

ij status monitor has stopped working

Forget that list of free utilities!

toolboxHiren’s BootCD IS that list of free utilities! All downloaded and ready to run, contained in one CD.

Download Hiren’s BootCD iso and burn it to a disk. You are done. You now have the 350+ utilities you’ve been reading about elsewhere.

Antivirus Tools
Backup Tools
BIOS Tools
Browsers and File Managers
Device Driver Tools
Editors and Viewers
File System Tools
MBR Tools
MS DOS Tools
Network Tools
Other Tools
Partition Tools
Password and Key Tools
Process Tools
Recovery Tools
Registry Tools
Remote Control Tools
Security Tools
Startup Tools
System Information Tools
Testing Tools
Tweaking Tools

I had trouble with the download at www.hirensbootcd.org
I got mine from afterdawn.com But be careful! Make sure to unselect the crapware their downloader attempts to install for the price of the download.
I still like CDBurnerXP for CD/DVD/ISO burning

[fix] Low Disk Space – growing .etl file

Symantec was tracking down an issue on my machine and left a tracing program running. After they had “closed” my case, I found C:\Symlogs\Norton_WPP_Logs\_Boot_Norton_Tracesession02.etl would flush and start at each boot and continually gather data until eventually it filled all available disk space. They were, later, no help in determining what the previous tech had initiated to create this file.

I finally tracked it down to a Global Logging Trace Session that runs from the registry each time I reboot.

Deleting the entire
registry key resolved my issue

Reboot and delete C:\Symlogs folder

Oh, and by the way… I used WinDirStat initially to determine that it was the .etl file filling my disk
Oh, and I thought it was interesting that HijackThis did not spot GlobalLogger. hmm