[use] Malwarebytes

Have been using Symantec’s anti-virus enterprise solution for a decade. It’s time for a divorce.

After numerous infections that often required Malwarebytes for repair, it’s over. Time to adopt Malwarebytes as my pro-active solution. I also like the sound of their chameleon tool.

Began trial on my desktop. It’s actually got a lighter footprint on my resources, too!

UPDATE: hmm. Malwarebytes is good. Lean, mean and alert for new threats. Got pricing and spoke to sales. Interesting… They call themselves “Anti-Malware and not Anti-Virus”. They expect me to run a “Layered approach”. Run Malwarebytes WITH anti-virus like Symantec. They provide zero-day and recent threat protection, but “don’t bog their software down with a database for old threat detection. That is where traditional anti-virus comes in.” That is NOT what I wanted to hear… I thought I was REPLACING Symantec… errr


malwarebytesMalwarebytes Anti-Rootkit file download
Anti-Rootkit Description

Malwarebytes Chameleon file download
Chameleon Description

Malwarebytes StartupLite file download
StartupLite Description

Malwarebytes FileASSASSIN file download
FileASSASSIN Description

Malwarebytes RegASSASSIN file download
RegASSASSIN Description


2 thoughts on “[use] Malwarebytes

  1. I recommend avast! Internet Security paired with Malwarebytes for complete computer security.

    Malwarebytes Pro edition offers proactive protection against malware threats. This is great if you want your computer to catch the problem before it infects the computer. Malwarebytes Pro is a one-time purchase for each of your computers.

  2. I’ve always put Symantec in the same bracket as AOL – crapware that depends on hooking enough new users who accept the pre-installed default on their new hardware to outweigh the droves who are savvy enough to know how to switch when they find out how bad it is. I’d never go back to using anything by Symantec/Norton/whatever they call themselves these days. I remember what a job it was getting rid of every trace of their pernicious malware.

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