Kill scheduled disk check

You suspect trouble with your hard drive and decide to use the Windows GUI utility to check the disk. MISTAKE! Stop right there and get the utility provided by your HDD manufacturer. Windows does a terrible “repair” and it takes forever to complete.

Now, you’re here because you already executed the Windows utility and want to know how to stop it. Bad idea. If it’s not backed up, I recommend you let it finish for fear of corrupting otherwise good data.

XPCHKDSKThat said, you have your stuff backed up, don’t care if the suspected bad drive dies and just want to roll the dice and quit the utility that is taking all day to complete… I have successfully killed the utility in various stages without issue. Simply with a hard reset (holding in the power button until it shuts down). But now the scheduled disk check continues to run on each reboot. So you’re not out of the woods… simply hit F8 for boot options and select “Last Known Good Configuration” This reverses the registry switch that is kicking off the scheduled scan.


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