[FIX] Adobe Prints Gibberish


Got this from Adobe:

In many many instances, this is related to the program that created the actual PDF. Many 3rd party creation tools do not properly write to the PDF specification (which is an ISO standard). Then, as each version of Acrobat and/or Reader is updated and improved, the creation issues are exposed and lead to display and printing issues. So first, I would check what program created the PDF. To do this look under the File > Properties > Description tab to check what application created the PDF file. If it is a 3rd party tool you can try the following workarounds:

1. Select “Print as Image” in the Print menu.

2. Install an earlier version of Acrobat/Reader, such as Reader 9, that prints your file properly.

3. Use the Preflight tool in Acrobat Pro. (if you own this version) to embed the fonts.

4. Try re-printing your PDF to the Adobe PDF printer. Personally, I don’t recommend this workaround because all sorts of issues can crop up with when you do this. You’ll lose all sorts of interactive features and information that may have been in the original file. However, it might work in a pinch.


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