Can’t uninstall Webroot – Solution here

Webroot got hung up during a version upgrade. Now it is not running and kicks up an error during each reboot. Install and uninstall now hangs.

Webroot provides two tools for removal:
Webroot CleanWDF.exe firewall driver and legacy Webroot Desktop Firewall Removal/Cleanup tool
Webroot WRUpgradeTool.exe upgrade/cleanup tool

I created a System Restore point, then ran each tool from “Safe Mode with networking”

Webroot has a support document regarding tools to uninstall Webroot


One thought on “Can’t uninstall Webroot – Solution here

  1. Thank you very much. MY webroot secureanywhere went all to hell and i had to fresh install m,y windows 7 OS. Phooey! now every time i attempt to install webroot? it installs but 4 minutes into the first scan, my computer crashs and the blue screen of death flashs. warning me, if this the first time you see this? I have installed a bad driver or program, please uninstalll. hmmm? so, from webroot forums, they mentioned your 2 tools and hopefully after uninstalling webroot, fully? It will wrok good again. thank you again. the tools are difficult to find on the webroot web site.

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