Solution for MP Navigator scan failed

Installed MP Navigator from Canon PIXMA MP830 setup CD on a Windows 7 workstation. First error indicates I need a driver. Go out to Canon’s site and download and install the driver. Now the good one… Launch MP Nav to Scan and get scan failed error. Simple fix

Identify the twain_32 folder on your system. Example C:\Windows\twain_32.

Find the subfolder for the device that isn’t working. Mine is c:\windows\twain_32\mp830.

Edit your Environment Variables and Add a New System Variable named Path.
(You can add your new Path to an existing Path with a semicolon)

No reboot required.

129 thoughts on “Solution for MP Navigator scan failed

  1. Amazing! Thanks so mkuch for the fix. It worked immediately for my Windows 7/x64 with my Canon MP 600 printer (by substituting mp600 for your mp830 of course). I do not like doing anything that effects my system but I pressed on and now my scanning problem is solved

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  3. Thank you very much for the excellent tip. I am able to scan now with Cannon Pixma MP15o0 on Windows 8.1 in compatible mode of Win 7. Your trick worked as a charm.

  4. I just downloaded MP960 Navigator and after installation it won’t run because it says scanner driver not installed. I cannot find/identify the driver online. The “path” fix did not work; I get the same error message before Navigator even opens.

  5. This is brilliant. I’ve tried for a couple of hours uninstalling drivers, MP applications, looked for burnt out bulbs, loose wiring, checked Canon and Windows posts and nothing worked. This one did. Thank you so much.

  6. Thank you so much! It worked for my old Canon MP830. Tried everything, thought I was done for. This was such a simple fix.

  7. Great. My Pixma 530 Scanner stopped working suddenly. This tweak helped me fix it. Without this tip there is no way I could have figured it out. Thanks a lot. And thanks to google too.

  8. I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to solve this problem, on the phone with Canon and nothing. They kept trying to tell me it was my firewall or something else blocking their scanner. But it was just this. I think their program has a bug somewhere and this fixed it right away. Thanks!!!

  9. Now it’s three years later. I got the dreaded “scan failed” on my MP600, googled it, found your post and it worked for me, too. Fantastic!

  10. Whatever would we do without the Internet and Google to fix these problems. Never would have figured it out myself. Thanks for sharing the info

  11. Well, bugger me, this had been bugging me for a couple of years but such an easy fix, thank you so much

  12. Couldn’t get my MP600R to scan remotely with Windows 7 64-bit, as the Navigator Application never launched whenever I tried to scan from the MP600R and no error message was shown at all anywhere. This fix solved the problem – thank you so much!

  13. I have just bought mac and had to install windows 7 ultimate on it to run my website design software. I have tried to scan on pdf via the pdf and nothing happened. I have done what you did it does not change. I can scan and the document appear on my pc but I can only do pull scanning and not push scanning. The adf works because it does when I want to photocopy my documents but not when I want to scan. I am using the scanning facility on the printer and devices panel in windows but only scan with the flat bed, it does not work with the adf. Also I cannot scan to pdf like I used to only to jpeg or tiff so it is a pain as I can no longer have a one pdf file and I am going to have to merge the files or send them separately. Can you tell me what’s wrong in what I am doing. Can you still scan to pdf using the adf??? Thanks for your feedback and help.

  14. Nice! I had the famous “scan failed” error when trying to scan a document on a MP500. Updated my Windows 7 64-bit system with the above solution, and now everything’s scanning okay. Thanks again.

  15. Just awesome. Someone ought to point the geniuses at Canon over to your site. Just saved my butt. If you’re ever in Indy, I’ll buy you a beer.

  16. Thank you, that is very helpful. I just didn’t realize that I had to have a Masters in Computer Science to run a simple scanner. Thank you Canon!

  17. THANK YOU!!! You are awesome!! I am so grateful to find this tips. After I upgraded to windows 8.1, my Canon Pixma MP530 suddenly stop scanning and showed scan failed message.Printing still works tho. So I installed, re-installed numerous times with no luck. Canon Rep couldn’t do anything and they said my security software or something else I installed on my laptop is preventing the scanner to work but this did the trick, so obviously they don’t know what they are talking about!

    • O yes, it does! But it doesn’t work until I rebooted the computer. So I am joining all the other grateful people for this tweak. Many thanks!

  18. Thanks for good tip. It work for me. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit + Canon MP510
    No compatibility mode for MP Navigator necesary. I’m using MP Navigator 3.0

  19. I have an MP530 that stopped scanning when it ran out of ink a couple years ago. I gave up trying to fix after trying everything and thought it was hopeless. I had to scan something today, so thought I would look again and sure enough this did the trick. Pretty awesome. Thanks!

  20. I ran into the same problem with a MP600 working on Windows 7 Professional. Suddenly scanning stopped working. Now it is solved. Great tip. Thanks a lot.

  21. YOU ARE A GOD! I have been trying to fix the scan problem with my MP530 on Windows 7 Pro for two days. I have uninstalled and reinstalled MP530 drivers, MP Navigator, and even Adobe Acrobat XL, which could not scan from the MP530 (but it worked on XP). I have tried all kinds of bizarre tips I found on Google that seemed to work for some people, but this is the ONLY thing that fixed it. My daughter’s HP printer scanned fine, but not the Canon. This has been a known problem for YEARS, and the fact that Canon still has not included this fix in its driver or MP Navigator software tells me that I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CANON PRODUCT. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  22. Worked perfect for me (Windows 7 Professional x64 with MP600r) Thanks very much for this. Was starting to lose hope of finding a solution to this

  23. I just have to add my thanks to you for posting this. I’ve spent hours trying to fix this, and calling in favours from others who’ve tried and failed. Canon should put a link to this fix right where they have the MP Navigator download!

    Many thanks for restoring my ability to scan multi-page documents

  24. Everyone seems happy. For two days I am trying and googling how to fix my MP Navigator to scan. Pop up keeps saying “cannot communicate with scanner”. It will NOT scan. I have a HP computer and a Canon MX310.I was on phone 1 hr. with a nice tech and he could not help fix this problem to scan. Can you take me typed out, step by step and what to click on to fix this and HELP me. I tried your above and just got lost. PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!! Thank you.

  25. Thank you! now my MP Navigator 3.0 is talking business again with my MP600R, running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

  26. Worked for me too – just been trying to fix this for couple of hours. Im using MP600 on Windows 7×64. Why on earth is this suddenly needed? Cant think much has changed on my box apart from usual Windows updates ???

  27. Worked for me too on XP64 (no reboot required there, either). Saved me hours of trying to find a solution elsewhere too. Nice fix.

  28. Seriously… I have spent HOURS with Canon support and my IT department to no avail – THIS FIXED IT…. You are AMAZING!!! I can not thank you enough!!!!!!

  29. Its so hard to phrase the right query to get answers like this. I was nearly going to roll back 6 months to when my MP960 last did some scans and then reinstall all the apps since then one by one to find out what nuked it. But this worked immediately.

  30. Awesome! Worked on this for hours before finding this solution. Works with an MP960 attached to a Silex Printer Server (WG6700). Glad to have my Navigator back!

  31. This solution worked perfectly, even for MP830 attached to a Synology DSJ212 NAS.
    Added as additional path using semicolon as you suggested.

  32. You are AWESOME!! I was on the phone with Canon support, Norton antivirus, HP Customer support, Windows 7 support and NONE knew how to fix the problem. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  33. For what it’s worth, it works on XP as well. I had a scanner I was just about to go buy a replacement for. Now I don’t have to.

  34. Wow, are you kidding me? So much time wasted trying every trick out there. This I imagine should have been set by the instalation of the firmware?Such a simple solution! Thank you!

  35. Had same problem w/ Win 7 64k for my MP510 and MP Navigator 3.0. Resolved w/ pasting the above path. The “Path” had been assigned to a quicktime link, which still works fine after changing the path. Not sure if you can have multiple “path” lines, but likely can add another, if desired.

    • OUCH…….closed the window and WTF***… worked! Been trying for some time now. A simple workaround that even i can do.
      People of Canon: watch and learn

  36. Great it work for my MP500 as well for Windows 7 64 bit, Thank you so much for your post. I can not understand how Canon does not provide this solution.

  37. Same problem. My MP830 was working fine then would not scan. Copying worked. Finereader OCR scanning worked. MP navigator didn’t . Your fix worked perfectly.
    Is it microsoft or Canon’s driver installation that is the problem ?

  38. Amazingly easy fix to what has been a frustrating problem! My scanner just quit working months ago and I have uninstalled and reinstalled programs/drivers several times trying to fix. Thank you so much. And yes, Canon, PLEASE TAKE NOTE!

  39. AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much for posting!! Add another to the list of big thanks yous! Have had a non-working scanner for MP810 for almost half a year. Multiple separate times, kept trying to re-install the drivers, etc. and did searches and never found anything. Tonight, tried again and lookee here, thanks again

  40. I too want to add my appreciation. I’m amazed that so many people have this problem, and it is only addressed here. Canon should take note!

  41. Thank you! I’ve wasted what feels like to days of my life uninstalling and reinstalling the software to no avail! Then this worked presto! brava!

  42. Wow – never thought I would ever fix this! Now I can scan using my MP460 on Windows 7×64.
    NB: There was already an environment variable called ‘Path’ but this fix overwrote that. Will probably turn out to be really important and break something else…perhaps I should have noted down what it was….aww sod it, at least my scanning works now!!

  43. +1 to the other comments and thanks. After hours of searching I found your hint and it works flawless now. Thank you so much!!!

  44. Outstanding! First time I’ve received such direct and competent directions on such an obscure problem. Only message was ‘Scanned failed’ (!?) Thanks a lot. You saved me from discarding an otherwise fully functional printer. BJMurray, New York.

  45. What a relief!! Thanks a lot for posting this fix online! 🙂 It enabled my aging but great MP600 to scan through the Navigator software on my new Win 7 64bit PC.

  46. Yaaa! It worked great for my MP460 too. Did just as you said and it worked first time,no other steps. Thought I was stuck forever going around through Windows printer/scanner settings to get it to scan. Great relief!

  47. Genius is hardly the word. I have spent about 2 days on this in migrating from Vista 32bit to 7 64bit. with an MP510. Brilliant can’t thank you enough.

  48. OMG! I am in the throws of hero worship. I’ve had scanning problems on both a Canon MP830 & HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A. This fixed both of them. Note to readers: better to edit & add to the end of you Path variable instead of hitting New, which wipes out what’s already there.

  49. I have been trying to get my MP600 to work consistently for a long time (on the order of a year). Tried this fix, worked first time. You are my hero.

  50. Thank you for sharing your post. it worked like a charm for my MP530 on Windows 7 (64bit). I love the MP Navigator software and was frustrated trying to get it to work for days. I had tech support and my IT guy, we were all stumped. This is awesome!

  51. Awesome. Worked great with my MX310 printer. Numerous emails with Canon support got me nowhere. I passed this solution on to them since something must be wrong in the MP Navigator setup software. Thanks!

  52. Thank you – It worked for my MP150 with Windows 7 very well. I searched a long time to find how to get to Environment Variables. For people who are as challenged as I am, here is how I navigated my way: Switch off the MPXXX; Close the MP Navigator 2.X software; click on Control Panel; click on System and Security, click on System (right hand listings), click on Advanced System Settings (left hand listings), click on Environment Variables (bottom right) now below the first field click NEW, enter the word: Path (in the top field); enter: c:\windows\twain_32\mpXXX (whatever your number is). And it will work like magic again. Thank you for posting these instructions in the first place – you are a GENIUS and deserve the entire credit for something that Microsoft or Canon could not fix.

  53. This tip got my MPNavigator scan function working again with Windows 7. Hugely valuable!! A couple of minor additions – if a path is already defined, add the complete, absolute filename (to the MP830 or your printer) to the end of the existing path. This means add a semicolon, and then add the full path to the printer folder. You will not need a system reboot, but you will need to restart MPNavigator if you had that open.

  54. Thanks for this great tip. It saved my bacon. Now my MP780 scans just fine again. I can’t imagine how you figured out this obscure fix.

  55. This is awesome. Great solution buddy. I was frustrated finding solution for my Mp Navigator. and this works like a chime. Thanks do much. being a technical person, I am bit curious how did you find that we need to set path of driver?

  56. I experienced the same problem with my MP780 on a Windows 7 64-bit laptop with both the MP Navigator and ScanGear Starter. It was working previously and then one day it just stopped. I wound up removing the device and reinstalling the drivers/software to no avail until I stumbled upon this site. Once I followed your tip, everything is working once again. Thanks so much!

  57. My computer is running windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Thanks for the tip. One other step was required to fix this problem for me:

    Set the MP Navigator Compatibility Mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and (maybe) Privilege Level to Run as Administrator. This got rid of a “running out of memory” error message.

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