So infected I can’t boot?

Avast! Rescue Disc can scan and clean any Windows installation, including one on a drive removed from another PC. No other product I’ve seen can do that. Its cleanup wasn’t the most thorough, but it would probably be sufficient to revive a system rendered unbootable by malware.

First, I would try System Restore from Safe Mode – Command Prompt. Found elsewhere in this blog.


One thought on “So infected I can’t boot?

  1. Hiren’s BootCD has a lot of tools for that and more. Also, most of the A/V and anti-malware products have come up with a boot CD of some type. I know that Kaspersky, AVG, and Panda all have products. Hiren’s lets me run Super Anti-Spyware, Avast and several other products from a BootCD, plus it has offline registry editors, disk backup tools and much much more.

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