Microsoft Excel Suggestion

In Excel, I need a “Paste Absolute” Option. I am presented with many Paste Options including Formulas, Values, etc. But I need Paste Absolute. Paste Absolute would paste the formula with ABSOLUTE ADDRESSes! No wasted time entering $ here and there and everywhere, like $A$2, etc. COOL?!?


3 thoughts on “Microsoft Excel Suggestion

  1. If you really want to paste the absolute reference to a given cell (or range of cells), use the paste link button on the paste special menu.

  2. To quickly make a cell reference absolute, press F4 after entering it (or editing in the formula bar). This key is a list that changes each time you press it rotating through absolute cell, row, column and none.

    If you set up a formula to reference an absolute cell, copy and paste it, Excel will keep the absolute reference intact no matter where you paste.

    • I really like the F4. That’s new to me. Very cool. Still, it’s not really what I am after… I want to copy a long, existing formula (not contaning $’s) and Paste it to a new cell with the references in tact. The result still has no $’s. I would call it “Paste Absolute”.

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