Free DNS Hosting, Dynamic DNS Hosting, Static DNS Hosting, subdomain and domain hosting

Possible Uses:

  • Host your own site on your own connection from home/work/school/etc
  • Access your computer with a name (like or
    instead of a numeric IP address
  • Run your own http server, ftp server, or anything you want to install on
    your computer/server
  • Fetchable URL to update your IP instantly on our network if you have a
    dynamic address
  • Hosts even work for your LAN. If you have a LAN connected to the internet
    you can point hosts to private IP addresses (even private IPv6 addresses) and
    they will work within your network
  • Let your friends point to their own connection
  • Use web forwarding to transparently redirect a hostname to another URL. Let
    our servers handle the redirection
  • has been un-interrupted for hundreds of days at a time
  • is operated from multiple redundant high capacity well connected



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