Implementing Symantec Hosted Services Endpoint Protection

Week of 8/2/2010

Pros: Impressive. Comprehensive protection with a light footprint on resources. Better than client/server Endpoint.

Cons: Painful to deploy. No Console Push and without an msi, I can’t use Active Directory to push this out. yikes. They do offer a ZAP or a user evite, but I didn’t go there. The Management Console has no granularity. Features are either on or off. No Group level exceptions. They currently only support File Servers and Workstations.

Learned: Remove previous LiveUpdate first, then the old Symantec.  The Redistributable is a faster install than the online install. Have cleanwipe handy if you have Symantec currently on your machines. Needed it 5% of the time. Use symNRT if you can’t remove Norton Security.
Wow! Super control at the client level. Run C:\Program Files\Symantec Hosted Services\EndpointProtectionAgent\Engine\\uiStub.exe on the client to make local tweaks. They will really have something cool if they get this control in the management console. 

Remember Exclusions!
I like Sunbelt’s Vipre. I REALLY like the Exclusion Document they provide! Looks like it’s authored by Microsoft?: Antivirus Exclusions
Or directly from Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Virus scanning recommendations for Enterprise computers that are running currently supported versions of Windows


2 thoughts on “Implementing Symantec Hosted Services Endpoint Protection

  1. Thanks for this, I checked out their website but is not available outside the US as far as I can tell? have you looked at any other hosted solutions and how they compare?

    • Looked at a few others. I had been using Symantec for years. Was time to renew, was looking for something hosted, so this fit well. It’s very new, but can foresee a very mature product, very quickly.

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