Data Recovery

Wow. Check out Scott Moulton at

Instructions: thanks Scott
Recovery solution by the numbers, 85% with software, 15% hardware
15% Hardware breakdown, 10% electronics (easy), 4% head/platter (hard), 1% motor (screwed)

Laws According to Scott
– Do not be emotionally attached
– Damaged drive does not do the same thing twice
– Persistence is not futile
– Time is not your friend
– Free space is your friend
– Heat is not your friend
– Everyone on eBay is your friend

Steps Before opening drive
– Try everything you can before opening
– Inspect the board. Feel for heat
– Try different connectors; USB, Firewire, IDE
– Try different OSs; Knoppix, Windows, OSX, etc.
    MACDrive $49 on a Windows system
– Try sideways, upside down, etc
– Try extra cooling (peltier drink cooler)

Get identical drive on ebay or just the $40 board at

DDrescue (linux)
FTK Imager (Win) at


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