Clone a Hard Drive for Free

Make sure that you have a Master (C:\ in my example) and a Slave (D:\ in my example) setup on your system. The Slave (or “Target”) is where all the data on the Master is going to copy to.

First: On the Master, empty Temporary Internet Files, empty recycle bin, thorough sweep with the AV, then do the Scandisk, followed by the Defrag.

Second: Scandisk then a thorough Defrag the Target.

Third: Right-click on the Target drive and click on Format. When the box comes up, click your mouse onto the “Full” button.

Fourth: After Formatting the Target drive, run a Scandisk again and click on the button that says “Autofix Errors”.

Fifth: Initiate a the XCOPY command from a DOS prompt. Click on Start/Run, then type CMD into the Runbox and hit OK. At the DOS prompt, type the following:

XCOPY C:\*.* D: /c/h/e/k/r and then press the “Enter” button. When its all finished, pull the Master from the system, designate the Slave as the Master (jumper settings).


Gotta try this with Robocopy some time…


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