System Volume Information filling Server 2003 drive

There is so much misinformation out there, I am compelled to comment.

A hidden “System Volume Information” folder on an Me, XP and Vista machine contains Restore Point information for the System Restore feature. IF you have a hidden “System Volume Information” folder on a Server 2003 machine, it has nothing to do with System Restore. System Restore is not supported, nor installed on Server 2003. The existence of the folder indicates you have or had Shadow Copies Enabled on the server. To mess with Shadow Copies settings, look at the Properties of the server drive in Windows Explorer and select the Shadow Copies tab. Go ahead and “Create Now”. You will see the associated data created in the hidden System Volume Information folder.

For more information on implementing Volume Shadow Copy and Previous Versions, I like the way this guy did it.

For more information on Preventing Vista System Restore from filling up your hard drive, Bill Detwiler does a nice job.


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