Texting from Outlook

Texting from Outlook 2007 is built in. An Add-In (Microsoft Outlook SMS Add-in, MOSA) is available from Microsoft for Outlook 2003 users. Remember, the message will arrive in plain text even if you use HTML or other formats. And of course, you still can’t exceed 160 characters (including Subject). Just address your message to their phone number@their carrier.com (e.g. 2155551212@vtext.com). 

Commom Carrier Domains
Alltel – #@message.alltel.com
AT&T – #@txt.att.net
Boost Mobile – #@myboostmobile.com
Cingular – #@cingularme.com
Nextel – #@messaging.nextel.com
Sprint – #@messaging.sprintpcs.com
T-Mobile – #@tmomail.net
Verizon – #@vtext.com
Virgin Mobile – #@vmobl.com
VoiceStream – #@voicestream.net

Text messaging abbreviations

  • B/F: Boyfriend
  • B4: Before
  • B4N: Bye for now
  • BC: Because
  • BCNU: Be seein’ you
  • CU: See you
  • F2F: Face to face
  • G/F: Girlfriend
  • GR8: Great
  • HRU: How are you?
  • IC: I see
  • IG2R: I got to run
  • ILBL8: I’ll be late
  • L8R: Later
  • LOL: Laughing out loud
  • MoS: Mother over shoulder
  • n00b: Newbie
  • OIC: Oh, I see
  • PLZ: Please
  • QIK: Quick
  • SRY: Sorry
  • STR8: Straight
  • SUP?: What’s up?
  • THX: Thanks
  • UR: Your/you’re
  • WKD: WeekendSource:webopedia.com
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