Bad power supply on Tivo

I can make this repair for you. For PC and Tivo Repair, visit

2009 05 31 Replaced Cap and resistor… worked like a charm. Also hooked up my 80 hour with DirecTV’s card that came in the mail. Two solutions, good to go!

2009 05 27 parts in… used tivo in… ordered a $20 card from directv to activate the used machine (does not extend my contract).

2009 05 20
OK. Belt and suspenders solution. Bought a Samsung S4080R replacement Tivo unit on eBay ($40 including shipping). And fixing the S4040R with $1 worth of components from Mouser. Capacitor (top is slightly expanded) 647-UPW1A222MHD and resistor (A little burned at one end) 588-OF103JE
Types of resistors – Resistor color codes – Types of capacitors – Electronics Genius Software (Google for free trial or $15 on eBay)

2009 05 19
Plug it in, and only the cooling fan spins. No lights nor does the hard drive spin up. If I leave the power connection on the HDD, but pull the ribbon between the power supply and system board, the HDD spins up. Seen this before. Bad power supply. One capacitor looks slightly expanded and one resistor looks a little burned. Replace the Tivo, the power supply or the components… On eBay, I can get a used 80 hour Tivo for $100 or PSUs for $25-50. Components will be $10 after shipping from  Mouser is great place for components. They have everything and you can buy as few as one item at a time.

Samsung Tivo Model No. SIR S4040R dated April 2004
Power Supply – SPWR-00005-000 REV.:A1


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