US Army moves to Vista by December 2009

From Jason Mick

“… The U.S. Army currently has 744,000 desktop computers, most of which run Windows XP. Currently only 13 percent of the computers have upgraded to Windows Vista, according Dr. Army Harding, director of Enterprise Information Technology Services. It announced in a press release that it will be upgrading all of the remaining systems to Windows Vista by December 31st… … In addition to Windows Vista, the Army’s version of Microsoft’s Office will also be upgraded. As with Windows, Microsoft is forgoing the upcoming new version — Office 2010 — in favor to an upgrade to Office 2007. Currently about half of the Army’s computers run Office 2003 and half run Office 2007. The upgrade will affect both classified and unclassified networks. Only standalone weapons systems (such as those used by nuclear depots) will remain unchanged… … Army officials cite the need to bolster Internet security and standardize its information systems as key factors in selecting a Windows Vista upgrade. Likewise, they believe that an upgrade to Office 2007 will bring better document security, and easier interfacing to other programs, … The U.S. Army will perhaps be the largest deployment of Windows Vista in the U.S. Most large corporations keep quiet about how many Windows Vista systems versus Windows XP systems they’ve deployed. However, past surveys and reports indicate that most major businesses have declined to fully adopt Windows Vista. Likewise, U.S. public schools and other large government organizations have only, at best, partially adopted of Vista.”

I’ve been using Vista since it was in Beta. It’s a good OS that’s received a lot of bad press. Trouble is, XP is very solid. And Vista has no compelling feature. Who’d predict we’d be using XP after about 10 years? …and no one wants to leave.


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