Tom W – Dead notebook should arrive today

Fn + Power to run Dell PSA. Result 1000-0146. Replace HDD.

Here we go… format a brand new disk. I love formatting a disk. Reminds me of a new born PC. It’ll run better than it has in years!

Time to config

x XP
x Computer name and Description, and record
x Dell drivers
x WiFi
x SP3 and updates
x DVD software/codec
x Office plus updates
x Domain
x Outlook
x TightVNC and FW
x Flash
x Shockwave
x Java
x adobe and updates
x My Documents (Server/Offline Files)
x SEP and Full Scan
x Desktop and Printers

Attempt data recovery – attached the bad drive to my Vista desktop via USB. Vista loaded up the drive as drive I, but reported it needs a Format to be used. Re-booted Vista with it attached. Consistency Check launched at boot and made several corrections. Some data is now retrievable. Could have launched Check Disk from GUI… some reference material
Looks like I got most of it. (1.6GB of home movies saved directly on his desktop!! Surprised this thing ran at all.) I will put the business stuff on the server and give him a Offline access with sync over VPN.


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