Windows 7 RC on my IBM X41 Thinkpad

2009 05 18 Install today. All good after a couple Microsoft Updates. Device Manager reports that I need a driver for an Unknown Device (device id ATM 1100) and a Video Controller. I am going to ignore these for a while. All seems good after adjusting resolution to 1024×768.

Time to configure…
x Windows 7 RC
x Computer name and Description, and record
x Microsoft Updates
x Hey, I can join the Domain!
x Office Ultimate 2007 plus Microsoft Updates
x Configure Outlook
x WiFi
ignored – DVD software/codec
x TightVNC viewer and ignored FW (tweak required for server only)
x Flash Player 10 for Vista/XP…
not supported – Shockwave on Win7
x Java Version 6, Update 13 for Vista/XP…
x Adobe Reader 9.1 for Vista and updates
need some work here –  My Documents (Server/Offline Files)
x Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.0.4016.26 works on Windows 7 RC!
x Full Scan, clean
 Desktop and Printers

2009 05 06 Downloading it today. Ready to blow out the 7 beta on my Thinkpad and go 7 RC. Would be nice if I could join the Domain with this one!
x Burned a couple DVDs
x Ready to rock the ThinkPad x41 Tablet PC


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